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The importance of timeshare worldwide has been sadly marred by poor experiences and scam artists over the years. But luckily, things appear to be on the up. This is, in no small part, due to significant investment by some of the world’s leading timeshare and holiday club brands.

Timeshare properties can be found across the globe and range from very basic one bedroom units right up to luxury suites at four and five star resorts.

Wyndham Hotel, Melbourne: Award-Winning Luxury Timeshare

One such luxury timeshare is located at the Wyndham Hotel in Melbourne, which has recently been internationally recognised at the prestigious Perspective Magazine Awards in the USA.
Located on William Street in the heart of Melbourne, Australia, the Wyndham Hotel offers some truly spectacular Presidential Suites. The 4.5 star hotel’s exquisite Presidential Suites were awarded Best Interior Design by an expert industry panel at the New Orleans awards ceremony in February 2016.

The Suites offer spacious, stylish living areas, combined with three stunningly appointed bedrooms, as well as an undercover furnished balcony with its own bathtub. There is also both an indoor and outdoor television, a minibar (of course!), a garden, and bar-style seating with views over the vibrant metropolitan city.

Since opening its doors in 2014, the Wyndham Hotel has enjoyed occupancy levels above 90% year round. It’s certainly proved its popularity, as hotel guests and timeshare owners alike flock to the luxurious accommodation as an opulent base from which to enjoy the city.

To win a Perspective Magazine Award is a privilege without equal within the timeshare industry. Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific also took home the Best Print Media, Best Industry Leader, Best Sales Professional and Best Financial Services awards.

These awards for Wyndham solidify the timeshare company’s place as the cream of timeshare accommodation.

A Resurgence in Recognition of Timeshare’s Many Benefits

The good news for Wyndham represents a shift in attitudes to the timeshare industry, with worldwide recognition of its benefits to holidaymakers from all walks of life now growing fast.
Even law-makers are taking on board this new, positive attitude towards timeshare. In the Bahamas, the government has realised the importance of the industry to product diversity and year-round business.

For example, it is not currently possible to pass on a timeshare in the Bahamas to a family member on the death of the owner. This is because there is no deed given to owners, they merely get a 40-year term of use.

Recognising the detrimental impact of this, the government has promised to look into the law with a view to changing it to allow people to leave their timeshare to their families as part of their estate.

It’s clear that a rebirth is occurring, and buyers are learning which companies are trustworthy, and realising that the hardworking managers and owners of leading timeshare companies, will ensure that their experience is nothing but positive.